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IPOptions is a complete security services provider with a proactive approach. We specialise in providing network security, managed services and solutions for customers. We believe in looking beyond point technology solutions to ensure that business IT infrastructure as a whole is both secure and available. Our end-to-end security expertise and services capabilities are designed to help customers assess risk, detect threats, protect valuable assets and respond to breaches when they happen.

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Firewalls have long been considered the primary defense against cyber intrusion, but today’s cyber criminals are using vastly more sophisticated techniques to bypass firewall protection and compromise business systems. Keeping intruders out while enabling daily Internet operations requires a comprehensive set of security policies and constant monitoring to ensure your systems and data are protected. But the labor and financial investment required to implement this kind of firewall security can quickly drain IT resources, leaving no time or money to focus on day-to-day business processes, and potentially leaving network assets open to attack.

IPOptions is a recognized leader in managed Internet and security services. We offer a broad portfolio of effective, industry-leading managed firewall services, from virtual to dedicated firewall platforms. With experience gained from installing and managing thousands of firewalls, IPOptions provides proactive security services supported by certified security professionals to deliver operational protection every minute of every day.

IPOptions provides this level of support cost-effectively at your site, at third-party sites, or in our own data centers. We will work with you to perform a security review of your firewall needs, your network and system topology, and security policies to develop and define your firewall security policy. We will then configure, install, and manage your firewall systems according to your requirements, provisioning your service on a range of platforms, including network-based and virtual firewalls, or on dedicated appliances such as Fortinet and Unified Threat Management (UTM) from Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. IPOptions provides monitoring, management, and maintenance, and access to your firewall logs, policies, and performance statistics for viewing 24/7.

System Ownership Options - Buy or Lease 
IPOptions offers two options for firewall hardware provisioning and software licenses. Buy or Lease. IPOptions Managed Firewall Service is a complete solution that includes IPOptions provided hardware, software licenses, maintenance, monitoring, and management by our team of security experts. The Common technologies provided are around Check Point and Fortinet Solutions. IPOptions Lease Firewall Care Service provides the same monitoring and management benefits to customer-provided Check Point UTM or Fortinet hardware and software. Both service options include comprehensive firewall security services and can be implemented at our Head office in Blanchardstown, your own facility, or at a third-party site.

Also Included is

  • Failover & High Availability Solutions

  • Remote Monitoring & Reporting

  • Change Management

  • Firewall Device Logs and Statistics (CPU Utilization & Denied Ports)

  • Firewall Connections (TCP, UDP and ICMP)

  • Email & Web Access Control & Management

Our team of expert consultants provide a range of consultancy services. We evaluate your existing environment, provide insights into various options available and define any potential issues that need to be addressed, prior to undertaking any IT projects or making infrastructure changes. Our services cover the complete risk cycle and will help you understand your current infrastructure, assess weaknesses and gaps, meet compliance requirements and reduce overall risk to your organisation's assets. Business and technology are today faced with many challenges. Our Information Technology Consulting team offers a comprehensive range of services and solutions to address these issues. 




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