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Delivering & Maintaining your IT Security Landscape


Complete IT Security Services Provider

We specialise in providing network security, managed services and solutions for all organisations.  We believe in looking beyond point technology solutions to ensure that business IT infrastructure as a whole is both secure and available. Our end-to-end security expertise and services capabilities are designed to help customers assess risk, detect threats, protect valuable assets and respond to breaches when they happen.

Analyse & Report

The first step in our proactive approach to security is to understand the unique vulnerabilities of our customer’s business. Identifying the greatest risks and vulnerabilities to their business enables us to implement preventative protection

Detect & Locate

Early detection of security threats is vital to prevent business downtime and revenue losses. We provide an early warning system for our customers, detecting threats and proactively managing them before they negatively impact business operations. 

Protect & Respond

We implement the optimum technologies to meet our customers’ security needs with the right mix of people, platform and process to ensure assets are as secure as they can be. 

Support & Manage

Ongoing access to vendor-accredited security experts with experience of security device management..

Around the clock support: 24x7x365 remote support and the best SLA’s in the industry and access to customer portal

 Our Value Added Services

What we can do for your business...

​​Our unique approach and strategy ensures that our customers have access to technical consultants and know how through all stages of solution implementation. A security consultant will initially identify and design the solution that best fits the organisations needs. The solution will be implemented using best practices to ensure your requirements are satisfied based on our initial design and post installation we can provide instant support to rectify any issues that may arise​

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the primary personal communications and computing platform for business..

However, they introduce cost, risk, and usability challenges that traditional mobile device management strategies cannot address. 

IPOptions approach is to simplify the problem for IT, finance, and end-users by moving smartphone data to the enterprise cloud.

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The Covid-19 crisis has caused shifts to our working practices and transformed industry landscapes beyond recognition. While much is unknown now, what we do know is how integral tech professionals with the right skills are to organisational success.

Certain industries have seen increased demand for the right talent, in VoIP, telecommunications, medical technology and SaaS just a few of the tech sectors that have seen an uptick due to how they are enabling remote working.

Digital social media


eMail + Web Content Mgmnt

Inappropriate web use in the workplace may lead to lower productivity, unacceptable use of company resources, pressure on network resource availability and legal liability. The challenge for organisations lies in balancing employees personal surfing needs while increasing overall levels of productivity, as well as maintaining acceptable bandwidth levels throughout the network. Web content filtering becomes essential.


Three-day course covers everything you need to start-up, configure and manage daily operations of Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blades systems on the GAiA operating system.

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Data Loss Prevention

Perimeter Security or in other words ‘Firewalls’ has been around since the creation of the Internet with the original intention of it being a technology that was able to separate the public internet from a business’ private network.

Firewall technology has moved on in the last 20 years with the evolution of the Internet and how businesses use the Internet has dictated how firewall technology has matured to become a major part of a business infrastructure and security policy.

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Intrusion Detection

Network intrusion is a real and business impacting event, and can be damaging in one or more ways to both operations as well as to the business. 

The intrusion can be motivated in many ways for example:

  • Personal – An individual’s personal vendetta against a business or brand

  • Political – Hacktivist organisations damaging a brand or business’ operation

  • Financial – Extrusion of information for resale or financial gain

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End-Point Security

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) means many things to many people and there are many methods to achieve it. 

A DLP system is designed to detect potential data breaches and prevent them by monitoring data while in use, in-motion and at rest, ensuring that your corporate data is unable to leave the secured and controlled environment.  

There are many methods which data can be leaked; it might be a disgruntled employee posting information on Twitter or Facebook, or an employee trying to be more productive by uploading a sensitive document to their webmail account.

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Remote Access Two Factor Authentication

For most businesses remote access has become a key requirement in their day to day operations, whether the requirement is just for employees, contractors or even customers the ability to understand who they are, what kind of device they are using to access from and how secure that device is has become a major part in the choice of the solution deployed.


Whilst the business needs to provide remote access to applications and data within the corporate network, this needs to be done with security in mind and with the ability to interact, interoperate or integrate with the border gateway security of the network. 

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End-Point Security

End point security is security at the user level - Whether you have a small network with few end point users, or you are a corporate with hundreds of end point users, your network is most vulnerable at these points. It is vitally important that your network and valuable information are not compromised.

We are authorised partners with a variety of Security Products and have comprehensive end point security solutions which cover mobile devices, workstations and multiple platforms.We also use real-time threat monitoring and proactive protection that does not weigh down the performance of your hardware. 

Clouds Reflected on Windows


Secure Data

Cloud computing is a way of delivering IT services and resources over the Web, while insulating the user from the management of the underlying IT infrastructure. In other words, as a consumer of IT resources, you can focus on using the resources, rather than managing them. So you don’t have to go through the hassles of procuring and implementing hardware and software to use IT resources.

Are you thinking of a cloud solution for your organisation? Cloud computing services offer highly available, reliable, secure computing solutions at a low monthly cost, with phone and email support provided by IPOptions.

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