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Perimeter Security or in other words ‘Firewalls’ has been around since the creation of the Internet with the original intention of it being a technology that was able to separate the public internet from a business’ private network. Firewall technology has moved on in the last 20 years with the evolution of the Internet and how businesses use the Internet has dictated how firewall technology has matured to become a major part of a business infrastructure and security policy.

Perimeter Requirements

Today firewalls don’t just provide rule based access around networks and tcp ports but can provide a plethora of features and capabilities which can give businesses a headache with regard to which features and services they should provide with perimeter security devices and how these can be managed effectively. 

There is a wide range of features and capabilities available within modern firewall technology today with the primary features being IPS, VPNs, anti-virus, application control, URL filtering, email content security, remote access, DLP and user identification. These features and capabilities are more commonly grouped as Unified Threat Management Firewalls (UTM) and Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW).

Let us Help...

Adding to the complexity is having to decide which vendor to choose.  In today’s market there are hundreds of firewall vendors that say they have the best technology that is right for you but in reality how do you choose one above another and how do you determine which features should be consolidated and offered on a perimeter security device? 

We go into more detail about the considerations to be made around this selection process within our Firewall Evaluation Service.

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IPOptions have specifically worked within the Perimeter Security area since the creation of the public Internet and through extensive and continuous research of the Firewall market are able to offer a variety of technologies to suit your requirements.  The technologies that we offer are seen as ’best of breed’ within the security market and have been selected not only because of the features they offer but also because of the vendors’ commercial offerings, ability to provide global support, ability to include new features and support future trends. 


We invest time in not only choosing the correct technologies to sit within our portfolio, but also in Sales and Technical training so that not only are we able to supply the correct technology to suit your requirements but are also able to offer Professional Services for Implementation and Training backed up by either a supported, monitored or managed service. We achieve the highest levels of technical and commercial accreditations with all those vendors that sit within our product portfolio.




Key Benefits

Perimeter security devices can offer a whole range of security and networking benefits for your infrastructure, which are:

  • Consolidation of security and networking features lowering

  • total cost of ownership

  • Layer 7 application visibility and reporting

  • Threat protection for internet facing servers

  • Threat protection for internal users, i.e. bot networks, viruses

  • Monitoring and detection of data leaving the network

  • Global reporting on threats and events

  • Identification of users for creating of policies and reporting

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