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End point security is security at the user level - Whether you have a small network with few end point users, or you are a corporate with hundreds of end point users, your network is most vulnerable at these points. It is vitally important that your network and valuable information are not compromised.


We are authorised partners with a variety of Security Products and have comprehensive end point security solutions which cover mobile devices, workstations and multiple platforms.We also use real-time threat monitoring and proactive protection that does not weigh down the performance of your hardware. 

Why do i need NAC?

Network Access Control (NAC), works on the principle that network access restrictions allow businesses a higher level of control. When devices are connected to a network on large-scale it is difficult to keep track of what information and threats may be exchanged upon connection.


We offer a comprehensive solution to this problem by utilising tools across multiple platforms to successfully manage network access. After profiling a business and their end point requirements we are able to systematically introduce network policies that determine what actions end points essentially are and are not allowed to perform accordingly to predefined network access controls.​

Why End-Point Security?

Endpoint Security isn’t a product as such, it is more a concept or methodology that relates to how protection is required for a device that is connecting to the network and how to secure the data that device has access to.  Most businesses today and in the past have approached endpoint security by simply implementing anti-virus (AV) / anti-malware software, desktop firewalling software and intrusion protection software (HIPS) on their desktops and laptops, but this isn’t enough today due to the increase in security required to protect an endpoint from modern day threats and the requirement to conform with compliance regulations.

How do I manage multiple devices?

Most organisations has multiple mobile devices such as laptops, tablets etc. The network security threats these devices pose to the network, needs to be eradicated, if they are to access information and data on the network. So when one of these IT devices connects to the network, the predefined policies permit or decline access for the device.  These may include Anti virus protection level or system configuration and update levels, with specific criteria for network access.

        End-Point  Investigation


IPOptions can provide a EndPoint/NAC Assessment to review access to certain network shared information such as web access. Network policies assist by routing the network according to internet usage policies, time constraints on particular permission levels and more. Our ultimate achievement is complete control of your end point users. The Assessment is 1-2 Days depending on your size of organisation and the level of Security you wish to achieve. This Assessment is part of our Complete Data Loss Prevention/Protection Assessment Service.​




Key Benefits

With the latest cybersecurity attacks and breaches, it has become evident that the endpoint has become the latest battleground. Desktops and mobile devices face increasingly complex and numerous attacks by malicious software (malware) authors attempting to gain an entry point into the network to exfiltrate data or, through ransomware, for financial benefit.

Attackers are not only attacking vulnerabilities in endpoints but are exploiting features within well-known applications. Recent research from IPOptions has shown that exploiting features within common Microsoft Office applications have a close to 100% success rate.

  • Peace-of-mind that business-critical applications are protected 24x7x365.

  • • Removes the complexity of continuous rule-base management allowing in-house IT teams to focus on the tasks the business needs.

  • • Increases visibility into user behaviour and extends protection against email attachment and web-based attacks to reduce the risk of infection by zero-day malware.

  • • Businesses will have endpoints fully updated malware detection mechanisms in place.

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