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Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing is a way of delivering IT services and resources over the Web, while insulating the user from the management of the underlying IT infrastructure.


In other words, as a consumer of IT resources, you can focus on using the resources, rather than managing them. So you don’t have to go through the hassles of procuring and implementing hardware and software to use IT resources.

Are you thinking of a cloud solution for your organisation? Cloud computing services offer highly available, reliable, secure computing solutions at a low monthly cost, with phone and email support provided by IPOptions.


We enable your organisation to deploy cloud-based solution, from desktops to storage, using a variety of cloud platform. We work with all the major vendors like HP, Microsoft, VMware to ensure your cloud is the right solution for your organisation.

Our cloud consultants determine your position of adopting a Cloud platform. Additionally, we will explore hybrid cloud adoption strategies, and phased deployments. 


We specialize in importing existing systems to the Cloud.  We will analyse your existing infrastructure and software and report exactly which systems are best suited for the Cloud.  We also provide detailed reporting on cost savings that can be made across your company by implementing a Cloud strategy model.

      Try our Cloud Assessment


Our cloud assessment is based on the current challenges with your IT infrastructure and operations. Our consultants work closely with your organization to determine which applications will give your the most value by moving them to the Cloud. Also, we assess the challenges and risks in adopting the Cloud platform.



       Try our Cloud Pilot Exercise


You might want to undertake a pilot exercise with a handful of applications to uncover risks and process changes, and also help justify the business case for migration to the Cloud.   It's beneficial to perform the first migration properly and therefore form a baseline process to evolve before further application migrations to the Cloud.  We provide experienced cloud consulting services to plan, oversee, and implement your pilot or phased migration. The purpose of any pilot is to ensure a seamless shift of your operations to cloud services and also provide knowledge transfer and learning back to your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Intelligence collection and analysis Analysts collect, triage and review multiple sources to determine relevance to specific business environments.

  • Additional support Additional  Business Hours support is available via email or the portal to assist with clarification or elaboration of either cloud service.

  • Monthly report Detailed monthly reports including an executive summary of developments for that month and long-term trends.

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