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We offers a 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) staffed by vendor-certified security specialists, acting as an extension to your IT team. Effective management of a business’s security and networking devices not only helps safeguard business-critical assets which reduces risk, but also minimises the risk of downtime due to device failure.

Once a breach is detected, it is vitally important to know how to respond. You typically require:


Experience and skills make an impact especially in response to critical cybersecurity incidents. IPOptions Support Operations Centre (SOC) continuously refine and update our methodologies and techniques. This allows our teams to handle security incidents with confidence and in an efficient manner. Using our combined knowledge to identify, contain, eradicate and recover from a range incidents.


With ever increasing regulations such as GDPR and the emerging market of cybersecurity insurance, requiring assessment and reporting of incidents faster than ever before, a solid partner who can deliver on providing the expertise required time after time is crucial. In what is often most companies’ greatest hour of need, you require someone you can trust.


Pro-active services help you to plan, prepare, train and test your people, processes and technology so that when incidents do happen, the organisation is ready and confident, in tried and tested methodologies used to manage the response.

Service Components

Technical Experience

It is important to have experienced responders who are comfortable and confident in dealing with what are often high pressure situations. IPOptions Support Technicians have worked with some of Irelands largest enterprises and responded to some of the most devastating and high profile cyber-attacks of recent times,.


Our incident response services include an on-boarding risk assessment workshop to ensure our team have a detailed overview of the current position, to gain maximum insight before a response is required.


We collect Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) from every incident response engagement. The two-way sharing of information between the client and IPOptions SOC fully utilises the Cyber Threat Intelligence we have at our disposal, allowing us to better advise on preparing for future incidents and to provide focused context around an incident or series of incidents.


With outbreaks of ransomware and other malicious malware threatening industries of all types, containment is vital. With IPOptions strong partnership with leading threat detection and containment product vendors alongside a combination of in-house and commercial toolsets honed across years of IR work, we look to ensure that if your defences have been breached, the threat is prevented from escalation and damage is limited to a minimum.

Key Benefits

  • Access to Security Experts: Ongoing access to vendor-accredited security experts with 25 years’ experience of security device management

  • Around the clock support: 24x7x365 remote support from Irish based certified Security Operations Centre

  • The best SLA’s in the industry and access to customer portal

  • bespoke SLA's with drawdown ons-ite support over 1,3 and 5 Year agreements

  • inclusive vulneranility scanning across multiple IPs on a quarterly basis

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